February 14, 2010

My Bloody Valentine

Dear bloody valentine,

my heart bleeds for you.

Your stalker.

We celebrated this wretched day early and in a style that fits us. Here is the bleeding heart I made for Tyrone.

And this is the card I made for him. He loves the Simpsons so I played off of the card that Lisa gave to Ralphie. Ralphie is my favorite.
{the blood is red felt}

Here is the card that Tyrone made for me. I will cherish this thing forever. We had a great night being together. Tyrone had dinner made for me by the time I got home from work; mushroom fetuchini alfredo. I forgive him for putting portobello mushrooms in the alfredo sauce. I will say that even though I don't like them Tyrone made the best portobello mushrooms I've ever had. He is so sweet. To go along with our bloody theme we rented Zombieland and made cookies.
I am loving the heart and skeleton arms. He says he's not crafty but he is pretty artsy when he wants to be.
Precious pink cookies before.
Add a little bloody sugar frosting.
And you get adorable bloody valentine cookies.
A bit of a bloody mess but it tasted o-so-good.
{I had my co-workers bothering me to make sugar cookies so I decided to bring these in to share with them. I'm not sure how the blood part went over - maybe they won't ask me to make them again}


Brittany said...

That seems like a great way to get people to not ask you to make cookies! I love it! I love your bloody theme, your pillow, your cards, all of it!

Jennikunz said...

your dememnted... I love it!

Brandy-son Zen Master Flash said...

Thanks gals!