February 13, 2010

Good & Bad news

Two weeks ago Frederick was hit by a car due to his own stupidity. Sometimes he's not the brightest and is not the best listener. He pretty much does what he wants and this day wasn't any different except that it came with some terrible consequences. Tyrone had taken Fred down to my parents house to work on the truck. They were in the front yard and Fred spotted a dog across the street and just bolted for it. At the same time their neighbor was driving by and Ty said it looked like Fred just ran right to the car. He was so focused on the other dog he didn't even hear or see the car. Ty had the unfortunate experience of seeing him get flat out ran over. He said that it all happened so fast and when he went out after him he could have sworn he was dead. I guess he wasn't moving and when he finally tried to get up he was jerking around. Ty was in shock so my dad just scooped Fred up and took him in the house where from what I was told they both stood there in shock watching him until my mom came in and snapped into "mom-mode" and took over. She grabbed a towel to keep the blood from getting everywhere and started barking orders. Soon they were off to the vet where he was put out so they could do surgery on his leg. He came out a little foggy and confused and will have a few battle scars but most of all he is going to be okay. Now that it has been a few weeks he is doing much better and is finally getting back to his normal hyper self.

He just laid in his kennel for days.
Ty's mom says that Fred looks like Stitch so when I found this at the thrift store I had to get it for him. He usually tears into stuffed animals like a fat girl bathing in a tub of ice cream but for some reason he just carry's this guy around like a mama bear.

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grand ma mode to the rescue , lol xoxoxo