August 12, 2013

7 Things

a panoramic of our living room

1. I'm sitting here pissed because I spent over an hour prepping my bathroom to dye my hair only to find out that I lost all of my hair dying tools. I'm talking gloves, bottles and all. PISSED! The only positive thing to come of it is that it led me to blog. Yeay! Blogging!! Yes, I do blog here, occasionally. 

2. I drank a Dr. Pepper to keep myself awake so I could get through dying my entire noggin instead of crapping out halfway through and having to convince everyone tomorrow that I was going for skunk look.

3. I watched Breaking Bad last night for the first time on regular cable television like a modern day pioneer and everything. I'm use to watching it online (legally, of course) the next day like a normal poor person. It was weird but I think it felt that way, not only because I had to sit through commercials, but because I watched it alone. Frederick just didn't understand all of the nail bitting and occasional, "Oh my God, uh muh Gah, I knew it!" I re-watched it later with Tyrone when they reran it and had much more fun with him.

4. I ended up home alone for almost two days this weekend. It was like a tropical paradise with the palm trees, ocean breeze, and humid jungle, so it was basically like being...home...alone. Which is paradise for a self-seeking loner. Bliss. Tyrone went camping at a lake with a bunch of people and all of the water toys imaginable. Now, you're probably wondering why I would pass on that, but it was that time-of-the-month and there was going to be tent-sharing and well, strangers. Uh, no. The last time I went camping on my period I ran from human-eating bears the whole time. So far this Summer I haven't been quilted into going camping at all. And, now I just jinxed myself. Shit.

5. I'm addicted to the Simpsons game, Tapping Out. It's fun. But now I can't make fun of Tyrone for some of the games he plays. It's like Evony, or that zombie farm one and other Sims-like games, BUT it's THE SIMPSONS. You're welcome.

6. If I can get through this week of work alive it will be rewarding, I mean a fucking miracle.

7. I'm excited for Fall and Halloween to come but I don't want Summer to be over, but that doesn't really surprise me that I would have such conflicting feelings right now or ever for that matter.

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kendahl a. said...

I started watching Dexter. Actually, I just finished season 3 last night. It's pretty damn good.

I have Tapping Out on my Nook but I keep forgetting to log in and play so my people are all probably dead, if that can happen.