June 15, 2010

Weekly Confessional

I am twenty pounds over weight according to those "awesome" weight charts and my BMI is one point away from telling me I am obese...OBESE!!


That's tough to swallow, but my instinct is to tell that smart ass chart to shove it's judgemental attitude where the sun don't shine...ya know it's ASS? But at the same time I know there are changes I need to make and I have been trying to make them. I still have not had a Red Bull but I do eat ice cream every day....that's a good balance right? Ha!

Ugh, we'll see...I'd like to say I have a grand plan to be healthier but the truth is I don't. We are focusing on exercising and being active a lot more right now. I can't eat right and exercise it's like overload for my brain I can't handle both.

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