January 22, 2016

Poser status going strong

Blogger is making all the photos on this post look dull - I don't know how to fix it :( Other than, if you click on each photo they appear as they should, much brighter as they should. Annoyed.

If you don't know now you know, wigga (caucasian edit).

If you didn't know I'm a huge poser and I don't give two fucks about it.

This DIY'd denim vest of mine has been a #WIP for a couple of years. I think I finally have it where I like it right now. The cool thing about denim vests is that you can keep adding and removing shit as long as you want. It used to look like this. I have since removed the patch on the back and added a bunch more shit.

I think the MJ pin looks better on my faux leather vest.

Bye for now, going to add more pins on this baby!