January 15, 2016

7 Things - 2016

1. I think continuing with this type of post is the only thing I can commit to for 2016. Let's be real.

2. It's been a sad week. Monday, when I heard that David Bowie had passed away, I spent the day really down. There was just no one like him. Then to here that Alan Rickman died too, sucked. He was my favorite villain in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. That used to be my all time favorite movie, until Lord of the Rings came along. I used to have a huge crush on Kevin Costner too. I don't get it either.

3. This Adele Carpool Karaoke video with James Corden is everything. Last night I was still in a funk and afterwards I was smiling. If you don't like these two then it won't help you. 

4. Finding out that Snoop Dogg is on snapchat was also a plus. 


6. I've been cleaning & organizing. I'm a new-year cliche. 

7. I did update The Shop last week and will continue to do so in weeks to come.

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