February 8, 2012

Sweater turned Cowl & Mittens

I saw this post from A Beautiful Mess and thought I would give it a shot. A cow and/or eternity scarf came immediately to mind. It was just too easy to pass up.

This post is brought to you by a mixture of photos from my camera and phone, how cohesive is that? This is why I'm not a *pro* blogger that and the part about not having a fancy camera. One day I won't be so bitter. One day.

*before* found darling, mint green, hand knit sweater at thrift store almost didn't want to cut it up

for cowl I cut the bottom half right off just under the armpits, rolled the edge and sewed it all around, it makes it sort of flare at the bottom which is kind of perfect for a cowl and looks nicely draped around a neck, does that even make sense the way I said that?

Also, if you put the cowl on so that the rolled, sewed edge is underneath it won't even look like it was sewn because the original hem will show nicely on top.

I am so in love with this cowl, it's big and comfy and turned out better than I expected.

for the mittens I used the sleeves, the edges of the sleeves make a nice hem, I used a sharpie to outline my hands which was fine because you turn that shit inside out so no one will ever see it, sew along the edges, cut out and then turn right sides out


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Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

You make it seem so easy but I guarantee if I tried to do this, I'd end up with fluffy fabric bits everywhere and no cowl or mittens. Very cute though! Love the color, too.

Anonymous said...
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