February 23, 2012

Willing In Spring

I think if we all ban together and think positive thoughts we can will Spring here sooner! Screw whatever that groundhog did or didn't see we have the power to change it (maybe?). I'm going to start doing little things here and there to make it feel like Spring is here and sooner or later it actually will be. Mind over matter, balls over cheerios? I don't know.

First I painted my nails a chipper color and then I tried flip-flips but that didn't go over being as it snowed recently. Doh!

And did a little desk makeover at work. My planter needed a change and I had to get rid of that bow.



I even thrifted this vintage bamboo try that is helping me keep the sunny thoughts.


Messy said...

Cute pot idea! ;)

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Love the pot! I'm all for Spring to be here to stay - this snow one day, 60 degrees the next is really fucking with me. I should take a picture of my nails and post it, they are cute. Pink and black zebra, and one all black nail with a white lip print.