February 29, 2012

Google and their One World Order agenda

I guess I'm one of the lucky bloggers who won't be losing their GFC followers (read more here). I thought with all of the hubbub going on about it that I would lose them too. I'm glad, I guess, but it's still really annoying for those other blogs who are on other platforms. I get that they want people to start using Google+ more but so far my experience with it has been less than thrilling. It's not very intuitive and it's just another social network to have to deal with plus there is a grip of creepers on there too.

If I were a crazy right-winged tea party conservative (which I can pretend to be sometimes because I was raised in a pentecostal church growing up) I would think that Google is the new antichrist and that Google+ is their way of all of us to go to their One World Order way of life and that it's just another way for them to keep tabs on us and control us. How's that for a conspiracy?

(if that doesn't make me lose followers I don't know what will)

One day I would love to move away from Blogger but my lack of skills in the blogging department prohibits me from doing so plus I love my gmail account so Google will probably have a brainless follower for life here. Me.

Bu,t just in case you chose not to follow this less than mediocre blog with GFC you can follower a bunch of other ways which are conveniently located at the upper right hand corner of my blog and in the right hand sidebar. You can subscribe through email or Google Reader or any other RSS feed you prefer.

My feedburner URL is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/brandy-sonZenMasterFlash

With all of that said for those that follow through Facebook I'm going to be more diligent in posting through that and Twitter as well. If I'm persuaded I might even add that Google+ badge to my site but for now I'm going to hold off.

Follow me options:

Bloglovin - this is a great platform for blog reading. Soon I hope to switch to this exclusively as far as my own blog reading goes.

Facebook - strictly blog & shop posts for the most part

Twitter: My handle is @Letting_It_Fly and my full name on there is Brandy Franklin which by no coincidence is my real name in REAL LIFE. Ha! I also use this for personal stuff too, venting, mostly sarcastic comments and other crap that doesn't make much sense. So in other words you get the both of best/worst worlds with me.

If you follow my blog another way than any of the other options I mentioned I would love to hear what it is so I can possibly add to it or just learn more about it. THANKS!!!


Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

I was telling Correy the other day that Google is taking over the world. But they serve cupcakes at important meetings, so I'm pretty much okay with it.

Oh Honestly Erin said...

Google+ is awful, in my opinion! I mean, I really gmail and Google is literally the only search engine I use, but I haven't really been impressed with any of their other things.

freaked out n small said...

Join Google+ and watch the tumbleweeds roll by. I've been on it for a while and it sucks. But I'm trying to be a bit more adaptable (seeing as I'm nearing the mid-30s point I don't need to get sucked into the "how do I turn this confounded computer thingie on" old age stage)... I'm confused though - how are we supposed to be able to tell if GFC isn't working anymore? I've still got it on my blog and it seems okay... So I guess I'm one of the lucky ones too? This shit is frustrating. Social networking is getting out of hand. :D

Weird thing though - in trying to leave this comment, there's no option to have replies emailed to me anymore... Did you change something?