February 23, 2012

In My Brain

I hate body suits. I hate rompers. I hate anything that makes taking a piss difficult. I say piss because I'm a classy lady like that.

Charming, I know.

I hate denim jackets with floral dresses. I've mentioned this before. One day I'll scan and post a pic of me from 5th/6th grade in a full floral get up to show exactly why I'm not a big fan of it. 

I hate turbans and not the kind that are worn for actual religious and or cultural reasons. I'm talking about the kind that are worn for fashion and that were trendy last Fall/Winter (and still are, unfortunately).

I use to hate leggings but I wear them almost everyday now.

I use to hate gladiator sandals but I have a pair that resemble that sort of style. BUT they're not exactly gladiator sandals so I get away with wearing them in my brain.

I hate fanny packs, but my lord are they ever so convenient?

I use to hate most things that have any sort of southwestern style print on it. Although I do love the woven bags that you can get from Native American stands at festivals that are brightly colored and tee shirts with wolves howling at the moon. There's something about them that I can relate to when I'm feeling ever so primal.

A bit more complexity of tid bits (some might call issues) about myself:

I bake cookies for the dough alone unless it's sugar cookies then I bake them for the actual cookies, how about that?

I hate miracle whip but love mayo.
I hate NSYNC but like Justin Timberlake - I wouldn't go as far as to say I love him though.
I LOVE The Smiths but don't care for Morrissey.
I like Thom York but don't like Radiohead (there is one song of theirs I like and I bet you can guess which one that is if you were around in the 90's. Something about a creep which actually is very fitting isn't it?)

I have a fondness for Rob Thomas but don't really like Matchbox 20 even though their album back in the day was on repeat in my purple Geo Prizm from time to time.

Yesterday I listened to The Cure all day long and it made me very happy. When I listen to Pandora at work I usually have the alternative 80's station on or if the mood suites me some screamo station. I am a closet screamo fan. 

*Hey I added a Buttons page to The Blog too so if you take one and it doesnt work let me know. Plus if you do share a button let me know and I'll share the love in some way. 

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Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Bodysuits and rompers are really adorable on children. Not so much on big people. I also hate those turban hat things. They actually piss me off, but I couldn't explain why.