February 15, 2012

In my brain

I am falling hard for this video that Erin posted on her blog. Great song, sick video. L.O.V.E.

I watched the Grammys and I was so disappointed yet I couldn't turn the damn channel. I don't know what I was waiting for? Chris Brown's shoes to suddenly ignite into flames and burn him to an ash pile the rest of the stars would have to stomp on as they walked on the stage? But then what would they do with out their cash cow? Sickens me - yet I watched as he arrogantly pranced around on some boxy jungle gym concoction. My highlights were Dave Grohl's acceptance speech and Glen Campbell asking what he's supposed to do now after his performance. 

I just finished reading Steven Tyler's autobiography (after having for about a damn year), Does the noise in my head bother you? In the end it wasn't half bad. And I really mean that HALF of the book wasn't bad the other half sucked, for lack of a better term. If you know me you know that I have been disgustingly infatuated with this man for most of my life. After reading his book I no longer desire him like a fame driven groupie. He's now Grandpa Steven to me which is probably the way it should be considering he's much older than both of my parents. You know how he speaks on American Idol, usually in rhymes and barely making any sense? Well that is how the beginning and end of the book is. It's written the way he speaks and it drove me crazy. You practically have to be coked up to read it to stay with him. He's all over the place until you get to about a large chunk of the middle and then it's pretty damn interesting. When he talks about touring with the band in the late seventies and all of the craziness that happened it's actually good. And then I found myself skipping paragraphs again towards the end because I couldn't handle him going on about drugs for that long. This is mostly because I've never been an addict unless you count all of the boxes of Little Debbies I have hoarded under my side of the bed. I wanted to hear more about his relationships with Cyrinda Foxe & Bebe Buell or his daughters Mia & Liv NOT about his incestuous relationship with Joe Perry, cocaine and pills. How was I supposed to know? Oh well, I'm glad I read it though, and I still am very much a big fan of him. 

I'm now going to start reading Geek Love. I found it at the thrift store and decided to give it a try. I've heard good things about it. I also ordered a new book online that I even pre-ordered because the synopsis alone intrigued me enough to do so. I've never pre-ordered a book or anything for that matter.[I sat here for at least 3 minutes trying to think of something I might consider pre-ordering and nothing came to mind and then I became disappointed in myself for wasting 3 minutes trying to think of something like that and then and then right before I started scratching my own eyes out for even typing such nonsense I moved to the next thought in my brain.

I'm drooling over the new Lauren Moffat collection (seen here). 

This pic is of me mid F-word. It's too funny. I was kind of proud of it because although I was trying to take an obligatory blogger photo of myself it was completely unplanned. We were in the car and had driven over a bump in the road and I was all "F@#%%$!!" when I accidentally hit the button.

One last thing I wanted to address, the commenting issue with Blogger is driving me crazy. They have threaded comments now but, apparently if you use a certain kind of template (and not the basic kind like my incompetent butt does) then it will work for you. The thing is, when I view my blog on my phone I have the option to respond to comments directly but when I view it on my computer any response I made just shows up at the end of everyone's comments and makes me look even more incompetent. I think it's important to replay back so I really try hard to do that. With that said, I'm going back to my general rule when responding to comments which is that I will respond through email to you if you have your email set up in your profile. It's easiest for me especially when I'm out and have my phone I can respond to you directly otherwise I will respond later that evening directly on my blog. I'm very conscientious about not being the asshole blogger who never responds to comments. It's one of my biggest pet peeves. And if I ever become like that you all have very right to call me out.


Misty K. said...

Right now, reading your blog is one of the happy things in my brain. Thank you.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

That was really nice of you. I'm so glad you come around - I love having you! Thank you!!