February 28, 2012

Weekly Confessional {I really like crappy television}

I use to be a die hard fan of Greys Anatomy up until about season four and then I just sort of stopped watching it but recently I decided to catch up on Netflix. I'm so disgusted with myself because I've been staying up ridiculously late watching it on my phone under the covers. I can't turn it off but I hate it. I'm having the same struggle with it like when I started watching the GTL douche bags but am now in love with their tan ignorant personalities. Right now Izzy is sleeping with her ghost ex boyfriend. What?! That's almost as paranormal as a Buffy episode (which is probably why I'm drawn in) but I find myself muttering at my phone screen half asleep about how dumb she is for doing it. I am really behind but that's OK. I have seen maybe one of the new episodes that are currently airing so I really have no idea what is going on with the show. It completes with my Thursday night stories on NBC so I couldn't possibly abandon them for it.

Happy Tuesday! Let it Fly!
(normally I wouldn't be so cheerful but I got a lot of sleep last night so it's like the best Tuesday morning EVER!)


Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Oh man, I'm a total Grey's addict. I was sorta the same - watched the first two seasons, then life got in the way. Caught up over the past year and now DVR all of the new episodes. I can't stop! Same goes for Jersey Shore. I pretend I won't watch every time a new season starts, then it sucks me in. Damn TV anyway. I wish I could be a douche and get paid like they get paid.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, Brandy, me toooooo! I used to love Grey's and then sort of stopped watching it because I moved countries and couldn't be bothered catching up on the story because obviously German and New Zealand TV stations didn't broadcast the series at the same time (strangely they did with Bones and Desperate Housewives, though). Anyway, just before Christmas I stumbled upon a TV station that broadcasts re-runs of the series and I started watching it again. And now I'm addicted again.

The paranormal stuff is really weird, though. I mean helloohooo? Izzy was one of my favourite characters but then she got mental and then even more mental and then at some point she was gone.
Same with Meredith and Derek. At some point I got really annoyed by their story, the whole "we're together - no, we're not - oh actually, let's get back together - yeah, sounds good - oh no, actually..." Anyway, I've only seen some of the new episodes, so I have some catching-up to do, too.

Misty K. said...

I quit watching Greys about the time Izzy was falling in love with her patient. Now I can't focus on the "plot"<--I use that term loosely-enough to watch a whole episode. Here are the shows I am currently staying up too late watching--Obsessed, Hoarders, and Intervention. I only have Netflix. I was trying to work my way through season5 of GTL but stupid MTV online has screwed up the videos. I have to watch these shows periodically as nice little mind-numbing break from being a grown-up.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I never know when I post dumb things like this if anyone will relate or not. It makes me feel good that you all get it and have your own shows that you like. Greys is defiinitely bugging me pretty bad. It's so dumb!! But I can't help myself.

I def want to check out Hoarders & Obsessed and all of those shows soon!