February 18, 2015

What the Pho?

It's too easy of a pun to make. Tyrone wants to start a restaurant called that since he is such a fantastic chef especially when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. Ha! I told him there is probably a place already called that. 

I was dying to try to make Pho. I love giving myself a reason to go to the Chinatown supermarket. I researched a lot of recipes and finally ended on Old Faithful. Martha Stewart. Most of the recipes were similar. Next time I make it I'm skipping boiling the meat. I don't like boiled meat plus it takes too long. It's gross too. I know it's the whole basis of the soup but I don't care. 

I love the comforting spices used in Pho and it makes great leftovers. 

*i ended up making this again using beef stock and it was really good. Buying a flank steak and cooking it separately,  slicing it up, and placing on top was perfect.  


kendahl a. said...

That looks phenomenal!

Erin Honestly said...

I never knew Pho was pronounced that way until recently when I heard my friend Chris say it. We have a place here called Pho Kim and she said that pho restaurants are usually intentionally named that way. I had no idea!