February 11, 2015

PIerce The Veil 01.30.15

Friday, January 30 we went to see Pierce the Veil at the Great Saltair. I bought our tickets early because I've been waiting for them to come back to Salt Lake City. They are on tour with Sleeping with Sirens and PVRIS, both of which I don't know much about. I mean, I know Sleeping with Sirens but have never really died over them. They are good no doubt. I actually don't know anything about PVRIS and even still couldn't tell you much about what they are like because we showed up to the show right before PTV went on stage and missed PVRIS. It was a perfect night for my old body. I went all out during PTV's set because they were who I went to see and let's be honest, my days of standing around for hours during sets that I don't care about are winding down. I'm not saying I don't care about PVRIS - I have heard some songs and I really like them a lot. Lynn has a great voice. She came out to sing with PTV during "Hold on til May" and it was pretty cool. It's hard to see the stage at Saltair when it's crowded as fuck, which it was.  I think I heard this show was practically sold out. Even with all of the short kids that show up to these shows I was still having a hard time really seeing the stage all that well. I am 5'4" and tower over most of them. It feels great. These hobbits aren't easy to push through though. Making my way towards the stage was not going to happen. 

these pics aren't going to mean anything to anyone but me

This show came at a perfect time. I needed the therapy. They played so well and it was so much fun I wanted to cry. This is my favorite pic of the night - it sums it up perfectly.

Once PTV's set was finished, we went up on the balcony in the 21+ section to grab a cold beer. I was spent at that point so we stayed through a couple of SWS songs and then left. We did get a great view of them on top though. I wish it would have been that way during PTV, but then I would have missed all of the jumping, sweating, fist pumping and screaming with strangers. 

It was packed!

on top of SWS

My dream would be to see PTV at the Murray Theater. It's small and the sound in there is great. After seeing Chiodos there I want to see very band there.

Adam Elmakias was on tour with PTV and has a blog with all of the photos he took with them. They are fucking incredible - check them out. I follow him on instagram and love seeing what he posts. If you follow PTV then you probably already know about him. This one is adorable. There are some great shots in there too of them out on the Great Salt Lake.


kendahl a. said...

I'm still mad at myself for not going. I wish good bands would stop going to Saltair, that place's acoustics just aren't great. And I hate how crowded it gets. Meh.

^^This translates to: I'm old.

Erin Honestly said...

The first time I saw PTV was at a skate park with like, 50 people. It was the best and I'm so sad that it'll never happen again, but happy for PTV's success. They've put their time in and paid their dues and are good people on top of it.

Pvris was incredible. I wish you had gotten to see them.