January 24, 2015

DIY Pipe Bed

This is not a tutorial. I want to make that clear. This was my idea for us to get out of our coffin, but I did not make it. Tyrone did ALL of the work. He's my hero and I've never been more attracted to him watching him build this. We followed this basic tutorial and then Tyrone took it from there. I was all set to help as much as I could. I tried understanding what parts we needed to get and figuring out the design to fit our mattress. Once we got into Home Depot and started looking at all of the pieces I lost interest real quick. All of the numbers and math and metal pipe and math and more numbers and did I mention math? Blah! This took a couple of nights and part of his day off to finally complete. Meanwhile we were sleeping on the mattress in the living room but we were already used to that.

It is the sturdiest bed ever. We used 2x4's instead of thiner plank-style boards so there is no bowing whatsoever. It's really hight too. I've never had a bed this tall before. Quite frankly I'm afraid I'm going to fall off it in the middle of the night. Frederick practically rolls his eyes at me when he as to jump off of it. We could fit a whole other bed underneath it. You know I'll have that space jammed full of crap in no time.

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kendahl a. said...

It's awesome! I was trying to figure out a 'pipe bed' before I looked at the pictures and it was getting me nowhere. I just kept imagining the pipes from Mario Bros.