January 26, 2015

New nail routine

I've bitched and bitched on here about how crap my nails are and I'm excited to report they are improving. For starters, I've been taking a multi-vitamin but I've also been trying some new polishes.

As you can see they are still peeling, but the damage has come along way. I've come to the conclusion that I'll never have gorgeous cuticles or be hangnail free. This bare pic is the best they have ever looked in my entire life. Even my wonky thumb nail that I tend to gnaw on like a teenage boy grinds on a sofa arm.

I've been faithfully using Nail Envy that Kendahl sent me. I'm always changing the color but the rest of the routine has remained consistent for the last month or so.

Fist layer, one coat of Nail Envy
Second layer, two coats of this magical creation called Instant Artificials 
(I try to stay still and let it dry completely before moving on)
Third layer, a gel polish or any one that doesn't chip or peel easily
(number of coats depends on the polish)
Final layer, top coat. I always go back to my tried-and-true Sechi Vite and I generally do two coats

The Instant Artificials has been a dream come true for me. It really is the star of the show here. It makes my nails look like they've had the best shellac mani without the light box. It gives my anorexic flat-ass nails a rounded form and really helps in preventing breakage. Because it's so strong, if you have the tendency, like myself, to pick the polish off your nails it can take up a layer or two. BUT because of the strength it gives it has helped me not to pick it off. My nails do not bend with it on either. My nails bend backwards all of the time and it drives me nuts. This new routine has helped with so many issues that I've been having with my nails.

And now that I've dedicated way too much time talking about my nails I'm going to go do the dishes and pat myself on the back for knocking out another post.

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kendahl a. said...

They look amazing! Great job!