January 6, 2015

7 Things

1. I was reading a year-end resolution list that contained mostly items referring to losing weight - no surprise there - it listed all of these ideas about how to stop eating crap, start losing weight and exercising and then the very last one was "stop obsessing about weight" What??!! Here are all of these reasons to help you get started on stressing out about losing weight this year BUT DON'T OBSESS ABOUT IT! God!! These damn lists piss me off so bad. How is one to not obsess about it when we are constantly bombarded with this information, especially this time of year? 

I'm going to continue to be obsessed with Simpsons Tapped Out and a new game I downloaded called Vain Glory - it's so fun!

2. I'm just saying NO RESOLUTIONS IN 2015.

3. Tyrone gave me the equivalent of a belt sander for my feet for Christmas. I think he's had enough of my hobbit feet.

4. This week life finally feels back to "normal" since the holidays. Even though it's just regular life we're back to it feels good. The Libra in me likes a routine - but to stay balanced I let the routine go on the weekends. 

5. Passive aggressiveness makes me angry.

6. I love Kendahl & Erin - because they're the only ones reading my shit anymore with my sporadic posts.

7. I have a headache 


kendahl a. said...

I love YOU! :) The hobbit feet comment made me giggle. I had a serious case of that going on, so I got a pedi last weekend. They felt so good... until yesterday. I guess I need weekly pedis to keep this shit under control.

mom said...

a belt sander wowza xoxo lv ma

Erin Honestly said...

I love you too! And I get you. I don't use a reader or anything, but I seriously check every day on my break at work to see if you've posted, and it makes me so happy when you have!

Totally on board with the No Resolutions thing. One of my friends posted some broad's blog on FB and it was the most obvious list of resolutions ever. All these people were commenting like, "Yes, this!" and I was like, "Srsly? Fuck this lady for telling me how I should live my 2015." Lol!