June 22, 2015

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning I went to church in my bed. I woke up way too early Sunday morning just as I did the morning before. It's becoming harder for me to sleep-in on the weekends. I laid in bed fighting it for a good twenty minutes when I finally picked up my phone and went straight to Twitter. Most of the tweets I read off-the-bat were about what happened in Charleston last week. They weren't fear mongering, hate-filled tweets. They were tweets that brought me to tears as most of them were clips of the first service being held in the historical church since that horrible night that took 9 lives. Reading the messages from family members of the victims of what they said in court to the person who took their loved ones lives, were the most love-filled and if I dare say hopeful words that were spoken. I was deeply moved watching the clips of the congregation praise & worship during a dark time. I was moved by what the speaker said and members of the community. I will admit I felt a lot of fear for the community that night it happened. I just kept thinking, "Why? This is not what our county needs right now during so much racial controversy and divide. What is going to happen now?" I was terrified of what would happen from this. What I've seen is love and utterly pure forgiveness that can only come from a true love of God. Their example has humbled me and literally brought me to my knees. 

"...hate won't win"

When my friend Milinda was taken by her husband I was so angry. Forgiveness wasn't a near thought on my mind. Love for him or his family was far from my heart. I was hurt and mad and wanted someone to pay for her life that was brutally taken. I'm incredibly grateful to these families that I have never met. I'm so thankful for them for showing what true forgiveness looks like. I appreciate them for helping me overcome, indirectly, from across the country. I hope that more people have been moved and are learning from this congregation and families that are true angels. I pray that it does't cause more damage and hurt. 


kendahl a. said...

That's incredibly powerful. I can't imagine having someone taken from me so violently and abruptly, and then being able to overcome it with peace.

mom said...

awesome post , lv u bubz