June 3, 2015

7 Things

1. Memorial weekend was a bust but I'm not really complaining because I was in one of those "everyone better stay away from me" kind of moods. 

2. My dad got a piece of metal the size of my pinkie nail jammed into his eye on Thursday. It wedged itself right between the eyeball and the muscle which required some special specialist to get it out. A step above a regular specialist apparently. I don't like seeing my tough dad in pain. 

3. Saturday and Sunday I pretty just did laundry the entire time. I thought I had cleaned, dried, folded and PUT AWAY every single item of clothing or towel we owned until I walked passed the laundry bin in my closet and noticed it was full. FULL! I almost burned it all in the tub. 

4. I'm so confused with this season of GoT. It has veered so far off of the books that I am having a hard time understanding what the hell they are doing. I understand you can't follow the books exactly because the show would seriously be 5 hours long (that actually would not bother me at all) but it's way off right now. In the past they have done such a great job until now. I was kind of excited to see them take a different approach with some characters because the 4th and 5th books are mind boggling frustrating. There is so much information in them it is borderline unnecessary, plus even when you finally finish the 5th book you are still left hanging with all of the main characters. It's SO annoying! At first I liked what they were doing with Sansa but now I hate it although I do love Ramsey Bolton. He is the best villain. Episode 6 was the dumbest episode I have seen from the show this far. That fight seen in Dorne with Jamie, Bran and the Sand Snakes was comical. I almost wish they wouldn't have gone to Dorne at all because it has made that story-line muddy. I think they got a little sloppy with the writing in the last few episodes. Last night's episode was a bit better but I am still so lost with so many of the story-lines. Anyway, that was my nerdy GoT rant for the week. 

5. Fred has gained some weight since we turned him into a eunuch. Everyone keeps commenting on it lately, but since I see him every day I haven't noticed that much. I hope he doesn't get a complex over it. Besides that, we have been putting coconut oil in his dog food on recommendation of a friend and it has made his coat much softer. 

6. Tonight we are going to see Falling In Reverse at The Murray Theater and I'm pretty fucking excited about it. Saturday we were supposed to see Of Mice & Men but it was cancelled because the lead singer strained a vocal cord. I was pretty bummed Saturday but I have since pulled my head out. When they make it up to us it better be good and it better not be at Salt Air.

7. This list was meant to be sent last week. Obviously.

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kendahl a. said...

I bet FIR was awesome! They seem like a band that would put on a mean show.

I am a little thankful that the show is past where I am in the books so that I don't get pissed at how far off it's veering. I know it is because I see the comments from people but to me it's just like, oh this is totally how it goes, right? Right. Ramsey is a good villain but I fucking hate him. I want to watch him be burned alive. He and Littlefinger can go burn to death together.