June 17, 2015

7 Things

1. One of my dreams is to drive to LA and pick up this ring. I almost bought it off of the London site but got so confused about the ring sizes. 

2. Last night we were on our way to cancel Ty's Planet Fitness membership & go to Tanner Park to get the rest of my steps in for the day when we passed a house with a ton of cop cars & news trucks in front of it. In perfect white trash fashion we stopped and got out of the car to check it out. I should clarify that Tyrone got out first because I get anxious about things like this and stayed in the car until he coaxed me out. He has no fear walking right up to everyone else gawking at the scene and asking what happened. My parents always did this growing up. If we heard a bunch of sirens headed south down 300 west we would jump in the truck and follow them. I would go, naturally, but I would never get out of the truck. Sadly, a 17 year old girl was ran over by her boyfriend after they were arguing. The reason why everyone was hanging around is because she was still under the SUV while they investigated the scene. The cops had some weak portable wall up that you could see right over the top of. I'm glad you actually couldn't see her though. It was dusk and that is the worst time of night for my eyesight. I'm glad I couldn't make her out.

3. We finally ended up at the park around 9:45pm. This park is really nice because you can leave your dog off of the leash and the trail is well maintained. It has wire mesh around the fence so your dog won't run off up the hills. The trail leads into Parleys Canyon. Well, there are a few different trails in this area. We usually take the one that leads to where the river ends up under the highway. People have their dogs down there running in the water and some people tube out of the tunnel under the highway but I have no clue where that even starts. I would be a little scared to do it because I'm a big chicken nearing my geriatric years. Last night it was way too dark to walk all of the way down to this spot. There are no lights that far down so it's like hiking in the canyon at night and your flashlight goes out. It's worse than just dark it's outer-darkness get-me-the-fuck out of here dark. We only went down as far as our eyes and wits would let us. I got my 10k steps in and that's all that matters.

4. About a year ago I spilled milk in my trunk and half-assed cleaning it up. The floor in my trunk is that felt cardboard type stuff so it pretty much soaked it up like a Zesta cracker. Well, the other day the water jug I have for Fred in my trunk started leaking and woke the dead milk up out of it's grave. Every time I would get in my car I thought it smelled like mildew and couldn't figure out what was going on. I had not cleaned my car in about a month so I thought maybe there was rotten food under my seat so I finally took it to the the car wash. After I pulled out all of the garbage and found no trace of rotten anything, I got in the trunk to pull out my armor-all wipes and the smell that came from it was over-powering. It finally dawned on me what it was (the water soaked floor was a pretty big sign). 

Moral of the story kids: Clean up ALL of your spilled milk not just some of it. It will come back to haunt you.

5. Now that Game of Thrones is over you shouldn't hear me cry about it anymore (after today). I know I'm one of the annoying book readers that has been crying about some of the changes and you can smack some sense into me if you ever see me in REAL LIFE. I dare you! Ha! There were a few characters scenes that ended almost just like the book yet others were VERY different. 

**SPOILER ALERT - stop now if you haven't seen the last episode yet.
If you do decide to keep reading this may also be the last time you read this so-called blog**

And because I can't help myself, this is where I go off the deep end. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I'll just start with the most surprise death, Jon Snow. It's not a surprise to book readers but how it went down was. Him getting stabbed by his black brothers is how it happened in the book BUT the whole bit about his uncle Benjen was total crap and it didn't happen like that. Them using his uncle to coax him out of his room is so dumb and was poorly executed. The fact that there were brothers with Jon in the Battle at Hardhome to witness the white walkers and the craziness that happened there should have only given his case of letting the Wildlings into Castle Black more legs to stand on. That alone does not make him a traitor that's just dumb. In the books he gets a letter from Ramsey Bolton saying he has killed all of these people (I'll just say that much) and pretty much antagonizes Jon in the letter so that he'll come and fight him in Winterfell. Ramsey also thinks that Jon has his sister (Fake-Arya not Sansa) and threatens to cut out his heart or something disturbing like that unless he gives her back (I'm not doing well summarizing this). It's actually just a ploy. Jon honestly believes that Arya is at Winterfell and has married Ramsey because Melisandre (red witch) told him she saw her. He doesn't know it's not really Arya. So, Jon asks if any brothers are willing to go with him and he tells them that he knows doing this will be going against his oath. The men that volunteer to go with him appear to be on his side but then end up stabbing him. That makes more sense to the whole traitor accusation. During this day Ghost is acting totally weird as if he sensed something bad was going to happen and when Jon gets stabbed, just as he falls to the ground, he cries out for Ghost. I'm so bothered that Ghost wasn't in the episode at all. Jon dying just doesn't make any sense to the entire Game of Thrones story. In the show it may make sense but there is so much focus on Jon's story and who his mother really was that I don't think he is really dead. He's too important to the overall story. Why put so much focus on him killing that White Walker with Longclaw just to kill him off? I am a believer in the popular fan theory R+L=J and Jon being able to warg (which I feel isn't a theory and is totally true). In the books the Stark kids are so closely tied with their wolves. Jon can taste blood in his mouth when Ghost has hunted and killed something. Plus, there is a lot of focus in the media right now trying make us believe that Kit Harrington isn't coming back to the show when he has said before that he is signed on through S7.

I AM IN DENIAL!!! I am still in denial that McDreamy is dead too, so what do I know?

Myrcella dying in front of Jamie and him practically confessing to her that he's her dad does not happen at all. I felt for Jamie in that moment because he has never touched or bonded with any of his incest spawn, so to have her hug him and accept him was almost touching. Almost touching until the lethal nose bleed.  Now what? Trystaine is still on the boat so are they going to just kill him now to get revenge on the Martells? And then that will be the end of that story and what was the point of having Jamie and Bron even go to Dorne?? They didn't even go there in the books. So weird!

Cersei's story was pretty much on the nose even up unitl "Sir Zombie Mountain" picks her up. I loved seeing her get "shamed". I heard some people say that they felt bad for her and all I have to say is she is even more evil in the books and deserves everything that is coming to her. 

Stannis dying by the hands of Brienne was nice to watch but is pretty far off from the books. There is even a chapter out from The Winds of Winter (book six yet to be released) that was released by the author. It is a "Theon" chapter where Stannis has him locked up and his interrogating him. Look it up, it's a good one. So, Stannis is not dead and you can guess if there is a "Theon" chapter that he probably survives that jump him and Sansa make. Probably. They have changed so much, who the fuck knows? 

This huge Bolton army that showed up is far from reality in the books. The truth is that their central authorities are in total chaos and are falling apart. And to throw more shit in here, Mance is not actually dead. Jon sent him and his spear wives to Winterfell to cause havoc there. The Boltons have no idea what is going on and why so many men are being slain. Oh and they haven't even fought Stannis' army yet. ALSO the Greyjoys and a bunch of other people (Iron Bank, sellswords, etc.) are there on Stannis' side. You know Theon's sister? Yeah, she is there too. SO MUCH CONFUSION!!!

I think they are doing well with Dany's story except for the part where Drogon is acting like a sick puppy pouting to his mom. Spears are not going to phase that creature. I do wish they would make her look more like she is described in the books where her hair is all burned off from his fire breathing and is practically running around naked. Oh well. In the book, when she is surrounded by the heard of Drothraki, Drogon appears and is all like "What's up bitches?" And that's where that story ends.

Arya's story line is near perfection.

I do love seeing Tyrion in Mereen but Varys being there with him at the end is disappointing because in the epilogue of the last book he goes back to Kings Landing and kills Maester Pycelle and Kevan Lannister. It's the best thing ever.

OK I feel better now. I think I just needed to get that all out here because every time I start in on it at home Tyrone gives me a look like he's rethinking his marriage vows. 

6. Since GoT has been over I've been binge watching Veep. It is so fucking funny. Their liberal use of the fuck word makes me so happy. I think my adoration mostly has to do with the insults they liberally throw at their co-workers. 

7. I need this shirt. I've been on a biweekly schedule of ordering a new tee shirt every payday. I need to stop.

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kendahl a. said...

I am not that far in the books, so when he was killed, I sat with my mouth agape, staring at the TV for a good five minutes. I agree that the Benjen thing didn't make sense. And it pissed me off that Ghost wasn't there... maybe this will come back around? New season will start off with Ghost ripping the stabbers apart? I have a hard time believing that's the end of Jon, because I also believe L+R=J. Which, btw, after reading about on a fan site that I nearly lost my mind. It makes perfect sense. And Jon isn't allowed to die without knowing who his mother is.

Cersei deserves what she got. She's an evil bitch.

After Stannis burning his daughter alive, I wanted to watch him suffer more than he did. I've come to expect with GoT that if you don't watch a funeral or burning of the body or something, they are probably not dead. So, Stannis is still alive, Jon is still alive, it's all good. Right?

That shirt is pretty great.