June 5, 2015

April's therapy session

I get goosebumps and feel-goods at every single Blue October show I go to. I love them and have for a long time now. The first show Tyrone and I ever went to was a Big Ass Show when were were newly dating. Blue October was there and this was pre-skinny Justin. They were signing shit across from where we were standing at one point during the day and I was just standing there staring at them out of the corner of my eye. I couldn't even look directly at Justin because I was having a major cow. (do people still say that?) I remember taking a pic of him signing other people's bras that were not my own. That night I posted it to my MySpace wall with some disgusting caption I'm sure. I am not sure what was going through Tyrone's mind at that point but he probably thought I was a freak. This is also when he discovered what an idiot I am at a show and yet, he still married me. What I remember from that show is Yellowcard was the headliner and Hoobastank played right before them. This was when Big Ass Shows were still held at the State Fair Park. They were hot and dirty. I'm glad they have not been held there in years. I remember being semi-disappointing in Yellowcard. They were not that great live and it made me sad. I was surprised by Hoobastank and seeing them live made me really, really like them. Where is Hoobastank now? I haven't' heard jack-shit about them in a long time. I guess I could look it up. (good idea dumb ass) We had fun at this show and I will never forget it. I bet I still have the ticket stub from it. I should hunt it down and add it here.

Since then Justin is super slim (I prefer squishy Justin but that's just me) with a long devilish beard and is in a much better place. I love artists that can be upfront about their past and use it to help others in the present. He does that. I think he gets better and better as an entertainer as well and the band gets better as time goes on too. This was our second time seeing them play The Depot. It's a great venue. Not too big and the sound is great. We ended up running into our friends there and we all jumped and screamed like idiots together. It was nice and at one point I almost cried. When he started singing "Fear" I couldn't help but think of my dear Milinda. It was a much needed night during that horrible awful month of losing her. 

Great ngiht!

*I'm trying to play catch-up and write about the shows we've gone to. A few months ago we sat down at the computer and bought tickets to about 4 different shows. It was sort of like an early anniversary present to ourselves. 

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kendahl a. said...

I found out the next day that my bff was also at this concert! She said it was amazing.