April 19, 2015


It's been dark and sad. My friend since 2nd grade was murdered last weekend by her abusive husband. He took any gratification from us that we might have had killing him ourselves by doing it himself.


I get sad then I instantly get angry. I'm not dealing well with anything right now. I'll be back later to write more. I think this is going to need to be my therapy til I can get it all out. 

I will miss Milinda so much. 


kendahl a. said...

I can't even believe people can get that abusive. This infuriates me, and I didn't even know her. I'm so sorry! If I can do anything, if you need ANYTHING, please let me know. <3 <3

Erin Honestly said...

I've been thinking about you, Brandy. Life is so cruel sometimes, and it just makes you wonder why. I'm so sorry :( <3