December 14, 2015

DIY Disney Haunted Mansion Monster Wreathe

Ever since we went to Disneyland in October for my birthday, I knew I was going to try to recreate some of the decor surrounding the Haunted Mansion. It is by far my favorite ride there for obvious reasons and during Halloween it's a pure joy. The little kid in my comes out and I embrace it when I'm there. I should post about our trip one day because it was definitely a good time.

(This photo also has supplies for other DIY projects)

Supplies Needed:
1. Green Garland - I picked the cheapest one I could find
2. Strong Floral Wire - because the clay adds some weight
3. Wire
4. Crayola Air-Dry Clay
5. Plyers
6. Paint
7. Red Bow - I bought a cheap one that was already made

First, I took the strong floral wire and created an oval shaped wreathe to the size I wanted. Secondly, I attached the green garland to the oval shape with some wire all the way around to create a stronger wreathe.

(This is the picture of the wreathe I took at Disneyland that I feel in love with)

Once the wreathe base is complete you can begin attaching the features, but first you may want to make the features. 

I used air-dry clay to form the teeth and eyes. While the clay was still soft I put wire in each piece to make them easier to attach to the base once they were all dry. I made 12 teeth altogether; six for the top and six for the bottom. Once they clay was dry (it took around 48 hrs) I painted them white and used a matte modge podge as a clear coat. 

For the eyes, I painted them both yellow with black pupils. 

Using the clay; forming and painting each piece was the most time-consuming. Once all the pieces were ready it was a very simple wreathe to make. You could make the pieces out of anything your heart desires that would be easier, like cardboard, paper, felt, etc. 

After attaching each facial feature I adhered the red bow and it was ready to be hung. I love seeing it in our hallway of our apartment complex as I approach our front door. It makes me very happy. 

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