September 24, 2008

SEPTEMBER 14th 2008 - 2 Very Short Years

No way it's been two years already! 

1. We ate breakfast on the balcony and read our books.
2. Went to sugarhouse park with Frederick to walk around and feed the duckies and geese. We lucked out; not a single filthy seagull to bother us. Flying rats! Ty's words not mine. 
3. Matinee of Burn After Reading - If you're cool you will like this move and since we think pretty highly of ourselves we freaking loved this movie. It's easier to enjoy too when you go on free movie passes which we did. 
4. Dinner @ Asian Star - they have the best cashew chicken and purple haze sake
5. Rented movies Thumbsucker and The Orphanage with more free rental coupons. Thumbsucker was funny and smart. And if you want a really good scary movie for Halloween rent The Orphanage. Ty was even a little scared. It was waayy good ya'll! (apply heavy southern accent here)

Pretty sleazy dates we are... or cheap dates; however you choose to phrase it. 


Angela said...

9/14 is our wedding date - you'd better believe it's a great day!

Jennikunz said...

awh... you guys are cute..... remember our first date?