April 22, 2012

DIY dyed studded shorts

In the next few days (if I still to a regular blogging schedule) you'll get to see just how much of the 80's I haven't actually been been able to truly let go.

I've been seeing cut off shorts with studs on them all over fashion blogs right now and since I can't afford the designer brands I decided to make my own which is the main reason why I make my own shit in the first place. But my love for cut offs is clear. I've been cutting off pants since I can remember. I was really glad when cut offs stuck around in the 90's as well.



This started off as an easy DIY until I totally effed up the first pair of shorts I did which are the Levis pictured below.

After you cut them off go straight for the bleach and do not leave the bleach on over night like I did because they will disintegrate in your hands after you try dying them. I'm telling you they will just start falling apart this is what happened to the first pair I did. I was pissed

1. cut off a pair of jeans (girls don't cut them off too short no one wants to see your gina or ass cheeks handing out.)
2. bleach - I dumped bleach on them in the bathroom sink which helped make my bathroom smell like I actually cleaned it so it's a win-win.

3. dye - I used this dye for the first time and I like the way the color turned out. Follow the instructions on the dye package. Mine said to stir it for 45 min. I didn't do this I just left it in the bucket for 45 min after I made sure all of the fabric was soaked in the dye. I was not about to stand there and stir for that long. When it tells you to wear a glove DO IT or you'll look like a smurf after and when it tells you to rinse them in cold water really well before washing them DO IT. 
4. add the studs - I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for about $1.75 a pack. I used one full pack on that pocket. The jeans weren't too thick that I couldn't just push the studs through the fabric. I pushed the studs through and used needle nose pliers to tighten them.


click each pic below to check out more DIY's 


kendahl said...

I love them when they're just bleached. Totally 80's and totally hot. But I also love the color idea. I kinda want to do some pink ones or something.

Colleen said...

I think I'm totally going to try this! :D

Oh Honestly Erin said...

will you please instruct me on how to cut jeans properly? i ruined three pair last summer. (ask henry, he was so pissed.) i can't even fathom bleaching/dyeing/studding at this juncture!