April 13, 2012

Fridays with Frederick {in his words}

 Spring is my favorite time of year and here is a list of reasons why I love it.

*Warmer weather = longer potty breaks
*BIRDS! EVERYWHERE!! I even get to chase them sometimes
*There are ducks all over the complex, they sit outside of our window and taunt me
*Soon there will be lots of baby ducks running around for me to hunt down (but some people think it's not cool for me to try and eat)
*Dog park
*Car rides (but only until it gets too hot)

You see I'm really looking forward to this Spring since the two humans have been in a funk lately I've had to feed myself out of the garbage can and with the leftovers sitting out on the coffee table from the previous night's late night depression binges. I'm going to end up eating the both of them in their sleep if they don't snap the fuck out of it.

-yours truly, Frederick


J said...

This is by far my favorite Fridays with Fred post yet! That first photo of him is perfection!!

kendahl said...

Oh, Fred; don't pretend you don't love eating out of the garbage can. We all know better. And leave those baby ducks alone. It's NOT OKAY to eat them.

Misty K. said...

I read this in my head with Fred having a "Jersey style" accent because that's how he looks like he'd talk in the first picture. My dog has also had to fend for herself drinking from random cups until we notice her self-refilling water dish has finally been all drank up.