April 9, 2012

DIY - Rollerblade Makeover

Yes you can makeover rollerblades especially if you're like me and can't let go of a pair from junior high school. I've had mine since junior high - no joke. You can see the super bad-ass Jnco sticker on the back to prove it. I had some Jnco shorts to wear with them too. I've even had that Chicks Rule sticker on them for as long as I can remember which was added to show my darling feminist side even back then. They're so outdated and pretty torn up but they still fit me. I haven't rotated the wheels on them in probably ten years or more. I think my little brother was the last person to help me out with that. I was really into blading back in the day. I've always loved it. My brother would try and teach all of the aggressive tricks at the park even though my skates weren't aggressive skates. 
Tyrone and I decided to throw our skates a few days a go and treak around the park a few times in them. It was my first time in probably three years so you can imagine how awesome that was. I'll write more about that later. Most importantly what I took from the experience was this bad-ass idea to make them over. At first I was going to use spray paint but with the plastic and all it just wouldn't work out too well. It was pretty genius of me to decide to use duct tape and I'm not afraid to call it genius either. When you use duct tape there is no prepping involved which is a major bonus because it's duct tape it will stick to anything.
What you'll need:

  • Duct tape - I chose purple, pink & gold because I like to fade into the background and not be noticed ;)
  • Scissors
  • Rollerblades, naturally

They're so bright that no one will hit you with their car.

I almost ruined my scissor doing this because cutting the tape over and over again made them pretty sticky. After I was finished though I swiped them with a little goo-be-gone and they were back to normal. I wrapped as much of the plastic parts of the blades as I could. There are so many different ways you could do this. I almost did mine all in gold and I still could if I decided to mix it up later on.
It's so easy!

we both got a little scrapped up on Sunday but that's OK because I can just add a little duct tape to them and you won't be able to tell - my leg on the other hand can't be fixed the same way


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Messy said...

As I started this post I was thinking 'ooo...I should do this to those rollerbaldes I've had for 3 years and not used'. Then I saw that you fell. I would too. LOL

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kendahl said...

Nice road rash! I haven't roller bladed in soooo long. I would totally eat it, hard. Love the makeover!