April 24, 2012

In My Brain

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There's nothing like two episodes of anxiety inducing Hoarders to motivate you into cleaning your house for the rest of the evening. My stomach lit-er-all-y (think rob lowe in parks & rec) is in knots when I watch that show. Tyrone is always joking around that I am a hoarder so I was watching the show intently making sure I didn't possess any sure signs. I don't tick, I bathe, I do actually clean my house when it's necessary, and I donate my old crap to charity quite often. I had repeat that sentence over and over in my head last night as I was putting laundry away. But the rats, well the rats I let stick around because they're just so fuzzy and cute and they don't make any noise or take up that much room.

I was pleased to see that the stupid kid, Pip, on The Voice finally got the boot. What in the world was he doing on there in the first place?

Tyrone had surgery last week on his wrist. I can't remember if I talked about it on here or not. I know I tweeted about it (it's much more convenient) but I couldn't remember if I said something on das blog. It's been one week and he was able to have to stitches removed today. He'll be in a splint for 2-3 weeks. The doctor wrote six prescriptions for us the day of his surgery. One for any possible symptom that could arise after having surgery. I was a bit shocked. They give us six downer prescriptions and then tell you not to take them all at the same time because your heart will stop. Just ask any dead celebrity out there - you know if they were still alive, DUH! He's for sure needed to take the pain pills that were given for obvious reasons but they sure do make him irritable.(I have awesome grammar - shut up!) He's usually pretty easy-going, mouthy but easy-going, but lately he's been Mr. Crabby pants. I've done nothing but be sweet and shower him with love like any doting wife would do (at least that's the story I'm going with.)

Recently we had a problem backing up our computer onto our external hard drive and lost a lot of pictures. At first I thought we lost them all, technically we did, and I can't even begin to tell you the massive coronary this caused and major strain it caused on our marriage. We finally fixed the issue and were able to recover most everything although, I had recently spent an entire Saturday taking photos of inventory and I can't get any of those back. An entire day is lost. That put a major damper on my attitude so I haven't worked on the shop update since until last night I spent some time organizing and measuring all of the clothes. I've been working on this new update for awhile and have put a lot of time into it so I was pretty bummed to find out that I have to redo all of those pictures. Saturday and Sundays, if the weather permits, are the only days I have to do it and the last few weekends I opted for outdoors time instead but I'm ready to get back to it..

It's funny when someone in "real life" brings up something I've said on the internet whether it's on here or on twitter and I'm always like, "whuh? I don't remember saying that) and then I remember faintly because I say things on here and then in my brain it's gone forever. It's like when I tell my mom where I got my new pants from and then the next weekend she'll ask me about them again as if she's never seen them before. Poof! Gone forever! I can't wait till I get old enough to use this to my advantage. I'm not quite old enough yet to get away with it.

Some days I hope for alzheimers at an early age. I know that's not very good karma to just put that out there on the internet like I just did but I'm reckless like that.

My metallic + neon nails have gotten me through the day today. It's the little things.

Peace out Beatrices!


kendahl said...

Hoarders makes me want to clean, too. That show scares me and reminds me of my mom. Yikes. I hope Tyrone gets feeling better fast! Surgery blows. And losing pictures also blows. No bueno! I think I'm done with Etsy. After doing my taxes last year, I realized 20% of my incoming is going back out to Etsy fees, plus another 10% to Paypal, which leaves me with about a 15% profit margin. It's just not worth it for me. Metallic + neon sounds pretty bitchin, you should post them.

Colleen said...

Seriously – A couple of weeks ago I did a Hoarders marathon for two days straight because my DVR recorded 20 of them for some reason...and then I threw some Intervention in there on top of that and I was about to slit my damn wrists. I think I moved my fridge and cleaned under it that week. And I'm jumping up and down that you mentioned Chris from Parks and Rec!!!! Todd and I just discovered that show last week and we've blown through the first 3 seasons on Netflix already. Going to catch up online with this season tonight so we can start watching them live. The way he says 'literally' simply kills me. The episode where he has tendonitis and tells the doctor “you are literally the meanest person I've ever met”...I was dying. I share many of Ron Swanson's views...I think he's my new hero.
And hell yes we can use the forgetful card!!! I'm only 34 and I use that shit all the time. I have the reverse problem though. Putting something on my blog ingrains it in my memory...I just have a hard time remembering all the random shit I say to people on a daily basis!!! :D

Anika said...

Saw ten minutes of hoarders once and vowed never to watch it again after a bunch of dead cats were found including a day old kitten carcass...it actually made me feel like less of a (ahem) "collector"

What does make me feel sick is losing photographs! Hope you recovered most of them. I always forget about baking up until there's a crisis...not sure why I don't learn that lesson.

I get strangely uncomfortable when someone mentions something I've written in the blog...isn't that weird?