February 11, 2011

Today's Post-It Note

I have a piece of paper that I've been writing on all day and just now I looked at it and thought to myself, if someone else were to read this they wouls think I am pretty strange; stranger than they already do.
It reads:
The Beaver Trilogy 1978 (no this is not a porno)
Mindless Self Indulgence
Write: Wanting to be like Maury Povich - Messing w/Baby Daddys
Kenny & Dolly - Islands in the stream (with doodle hearts next to it)
Valentine Nightmare cake pops


Anika said...

HA! I think I get it all except the Beaver trilogy. Intrigued.

Angela said...

I always leave little notes like that to myself!
I'm interested in hearing more about these cake pops :)

Jennikunz said...

We can rely on each other ah huh, from one corner to the other ah huh...sail away with me to another world. LOVE IT!