February 28, 2011

Things I'm Desperately Trying to Stay the Hell Away From

I've mentioned countless times that I crash under pressure so adding another social network or just ANOTHA MUTHUFUCKING thing to update during the day makes me insane.
My list of things I am trying hard to stay away from yet my intrigue and utter weakness may get the best of me some day.
Linkeden (I'm sure this one could be important some day)
Facebook page for my blog/shop
And the twenty others that will be developed by the time I'm finished writing this.
Let's all face it I'll probably succumb to joining all of them eventually but for now I'm going to run the opposite way until that day comes. Which will probably leave me all excited and amped up for a week and then I'll be forgetting to update them just like everything else in my life.
I've been thinking of starting a new thing or weekly post where I talk about "connecting" with the "real" people in my life like actual "REAL LIFE" you know like actually FACE-to-FACE in a restaurant or over coffee. That might be fun. Although, I'll be forever pooing all over the "point" of it all by blogging THE SHIT OUT OF IT. Plus - we'll see if I can get anyone to go out with me.
{That was a lot of useless quotation marks and capitalized letters but at this point I'm not really worried about it because I'm sure I've lost any grammar Nazi readers a long time ago.}


Kristen said...

Agreed. I built a facebook page for the blog, but tore it down an hour later.

I have joined the Linkedin one, but haven't done much with it since that first day. It's just kinda there for when I start looking for jobs again.

I refuse to join StumbleUpon or Foursquare....for now.

Janet Bocciardi said...

LOL! This morning I had someone on Twitter ask me to join Digg. I had no idea what it was... ckd it out and still wondered how it was different from Twitter. Googled and found an article which further confused me as it added StumbleUpon and a couple of other new sites that I MUST be on. Sigh. I fear I'm too old to keep up. Sometimes I wonder: Does anyone really read my tweets and posts or am I just going yada yada?

I may have to blog about this, too. : )

Misty said...

Just read this after I created a new Twitter account to replace the one I deleted last year. If I knew more people irl.....is it wrong that I'm not too fond of most of the ones I currently know irl? Maybe I should work on that.Meeting new people in the real world. That I like.

Anika said...

I haven't heard of more than half of those...does that make me pathetic or totally awesome?
I said no to Facebook awhile ago and although it's probably the most useful thing for an Etsy shop I just refuse to do that to myself. It took awhile but I feel great about not doing it.
Good luck!

Jen said...

i have twitter, facebook for friends and the blog. had to delete a few things. its too much and so time consuming :(

freaked out 'n small said...

I only facebook... I just enjoy putting some more mindless bullshit out into the Blog-o-puss that no one will actually read. but who doesn't want to know what I ate for breakfast, I ask???