February 1, 2011

the past few days

I'm kind of forcing myself to blog right now and I'm really torn about it. Gawd I hope it's just hormones. Seriously.

took this one while I was driving down State Street I'm not afraid of telling you that

Here are some photos (with bonus commentary) of the past few days; we had such a good weekend. I spent most of it with my mom.

Saturday my mom and I went to the dollar theater in Sugarhouse and watched Burlesque. Listen, I get why people thought it sucked it was no Chicago that is for damn sure BUT I really liked it. I am a sucker for musicals even cheesy ones except that dumb muthafucka NINE. Funny enough that was the last musical I saw in the theater with my mom. We both hated it. After the movie we did the girl thing and went shopping and even tried shit on in the dressing rooms like "real" girls who go shopping together do. So I've heard.

The below pic was my outfit for the day; thrifted My Chemical Romance tee, vintage yellow skirt, teal tights (Target) and my gooooold shoes. I asked my mom if she thought I should shorten the skirt and she said yes because I looked like a polygamist wife in it. I thought it was because I wasn't wearing any makeup but indeed it was the length of skirt making me look like I share my husband with three other downtrodden women who have forgotten who's mismatched child is theirs in the dirty mix. (mouth full) I do plan on shortening it soon, hopefully. Maybe even sooner if I can finally learn to sew in my sleep. There will be a tutorial on How to Hem Your Thrifted Skirt in YOUR MUTHAFUCKING SLEEP Bitches!! That will put all other DIY's to shame. You think I'm kidding? Unless you don't understand my humor and have just starred this post in your Reader and will be awaiting patiently for it to actually happen some day. Ahh, that's so sweet if you to just do that it makes me want to kiss you on the cheek and tell you that everything will be okay for no other reason than your naivety makes me goo at you like a newborn baby. Or maybe 8-12 month old baby because newborns aren't actually all that attractive. I'm sure you're actually attractive if not just down right cute for starring MY post.

Nobody stars my posts.

Just a second while I try to bring myself back to reality....butterlies and unicorns are playing Steve Miller band in my head and tickling my arm while I drift away deeper into...

Fuck. I'm back. A slippery doggy kiss will do that. I just got nailed by my dog right in the mouth. Wait. Back the hatchback up. That sounded so bad. I'm not even going to steer in that direction as easily distracted as I am tonight. I'm not THAT disgusting. I can actually make myself stop typing.

Right. Outfit and something about a yellow polygamist skirt and Cher kissing Stanly Tucci.

never mind that face I'm pulling
After we shopped we were starved and craving curry so what better place to go to than Curry in a Hurry. BEST DAMN CHICKEN CURRY I've ever had. No joke.

my mom's cute feet in her favorite shoes

Sunday I made chicken salad sandwiches and we ate the entire loaf of sesame french bread and the entire bowl of salad. It was so good. We've been cooking fools lately. I have so many food pictures that I just uploaded tonight. Recipe posts are hard to me, I'm not exactly sure why. Tonight we made homemade veggie burgers. So fulfilling and delicious. That recipe will definitely be posted soon if I can get out of my funk. I have all of these ideas and pictures lined up but don't have the motivation to post any of it.



 the last two pics I took in the supermarket since I know there are a bunch of cupcake lovers out there that would appreciate them

"For fucks sake do you have to do that while we're grocery shopping?" The Husband said.

I saved the best for last. My mom sent me this Saturday night after she got home. It's what she came home to. A love note from my little brother expressing his love. This is actually how we say I love You in my family.

{This post was brought to by the cool sounds of Fleetwood Mac blaring from my Mac speakers. They're helping me sleep soundly tonight. I just love them.}


Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

That face you're making? Makes me think of your Mom. Seriously.

And the cupcakes are adorable. Where did you see them? Because I might want them.

I still haven't posted any pictures of my cupcake collection, have I? I fail at blogging.

mommy said...

i had sooo much fun with you xoxoxxo i will love you forever

Angela said...

You know that I loved those cupcakes :)

Jennikunz said...

DUDE... best FM picture EVER! Nice shoes Dickhead! HAHAHA! Love you!