February 28, 2011

Blog it like it's Hot

Why do I blog?
It's definitely not to make money, contrary to popular belief. I tried the whole Google Adsense thing and it didn't work for me. Plus, it's annoying as hell.
It's hard to be creative and "real" on your blog when you're worried about SEO, blog hits, stats, number of comments, linking correctly, blah, blah, blah. I tried understanding all of that but it's just not worth it to me. I just may not be able to hack it like some can, I guess, because I can't focus on both. The technical side and the creative side and I definitely can't afford to have someone take care of the technical part for me. AND I'm not married to a tech genius who will do it all for me either - not that I would complain if I were. I would definitely take advantage of that situation if it was in my lap. I'd slap a Benjamin in that glittery thong so fast she wouldn't know what hit her. The situation that is. Not an actual stripper or The Situation himself. Just wanted to keep that straight in case you were lost on the metaphor. I worry when writing sometimes that my sarcasm and metaphorical brilliance is lost on most to the point I feel the need to clarify. Metaphorical brilliance? Yeah I said it.
I commend those that do make money from their blog. Good job. I do wish it was something that came easily to me so that I didn't have to work a full time job but my reality is just far from that.
I like the blogoshphere (vomit on that word) for the most part. I like the people that I have met and love the blogs that are in my reader which is the biggest reason why I keep writing my own blog. I think blogging can be powerful, positive, detrimental, inspiring, and flat out boring all at the same time. I appreciate the relationships that I've discovered from doing it myself.
I love writing (even though I'm not a good writer) which is probably the biggest reason why I do it.
I also use it to advertise for my shop which is probably the second biggest reason why I have one.
Another big reason is that I simply love sharing my DIY projects with people. I love the tutorials that I've learned from other's blogs and appreciate their hard work in sharing their ideas so I feel like I should share mine as well. I'm not so concerned with people copying my ideas. I would be concerned if that were happening with my shop but at the same time I'm not sure what I would do. There is such a fine line between "original" ideas and people being "inspired" from others ideas. I believe in the integrity of an artist and believe that truly original creative ideas should be recognized.
{I'm starting to babble here}
I also love the venting part of blogging. I haven't done a ton of that lately (for undisclosed reasons) but I do think it helps every once in awhile to write about something and getting all out there even if you are raging like lunatic. It's like therapy in a way and lives true to my motto.
Have Fun
Move on
In short, I love the creative outlet that blogging brings for me and hope to keep it that way.
Why do you blog?


Anonymous said...

I blog to keep the creative energy flowing. I think you do a great job of that and help keep me inspired as well. :)

Kristen said...

I'm so going to try and work the phrase "metaphorical brilliance" into a sentence today.

I love how you blog. I'd be sad without it.

I did marry one of those stripper... er... technical guys. But, unless I give him uber specific instructions about what I want, he won't do anything for me.

Anika said...

You do make me laugh and yours is one of my favorite blogs to visit...just so you know.

Let's think of a word besides Blogoshpere...I don't like it either...what could we call it?? Let's think of something and then start a movement.