February 25, 2011

Fridays with Frederick

So this is Fred claiming his territory in the back window of my new car. It's a hatch-back so there's a lot more room up there than my last car had. It didn't take him long to mark it as his by climbing up there just short of him pissing all over it. He's a terrier so he's quite territorial.
Let me start this story out by mentioning that he is a really well-mannered dog. He rarely barks at anything and never just barks "just because". Not trying to brag or claim that he is perfect because he can be rather annoying most times. There are only a few cases where he will bark and it's either when you're playing with him with one of his toys, when someone knocks on the door or when he's attempting to be protective. I think that's saying a lot because we live on the bottom floor of an apartment complex next to a doggy station with a lot of traffic. He has the most adorable bark when he's being protective; it has a distinct tone to it when it happens. It's like a bark slash growl thing going on. I always laugh and swoon every time I hear it unless it's when we're alone in the house and then I want to crap my pants because I'm certain that a serial killer is outside of my door. There have been a few instances where he had done it at ghosts. Another instance where I in turn end of up needing to change my drawers afterwards.
The other day in the car we were driving around town and Fred was perched up on his newly claimed throne and began barking like I just described. There was a motorcyclist and his woman on the back behind us and Fred decided they were enemy number 1. We were stopped at a red light so were weren't moving around at all. All I can think of is that he was totally freaked out by their helmets or something. It was funny because you could tell they were laughing their asses off at him. He wouldn't even stop barking when I told him to shut his trap. He was so adamant on letting the worked know that he DID NOT LIKE THEM. As we started to pull through the light the motorcycle drove up next to us pretty much pointing and laughing at the fur ball attempting to dethroat them through the car windows. He would not shut his mouth no matter how much I yelled at him but it was hard to yell because it was so damn funny.
Anyway, I'm just hoping the next time there's a rapist at my door he goes in to kill mode like that. You know when the time is appropriate?

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Janet Bocciardi said...

Yes.. dogs! Nothing like a loud sudden bark when you're trying to drive safely.

We just drove back from seeing my mother-in-law - about a 5 hr drive - with our male spaniel letting out a loud hound dog bark every time we came to a stop. He was relaxed or sleeping otherwise so I suppose he was just warning anyone not to try anything.

Until next week - Frederick: you the man!