February 21, 2011

the weekend

We went to Ikea and bought one of their memory foam mattresses on Saturday. We've been in desperate need of a new mattress for at least two years now. I've been up the last few nights in so much pain from my back. It's been hell. Saturday when we brought it home it was around 4pm or so and we didn't get off of it till Sunday morning. We were like two giddy children on Christmas Day. It's been so nice.

I wore this outfit Saturday and Sunday I won't lie.

Tyrone bought this for me. I use to hate this movie but for some reason it has grown on me in it's cooky way. It might have a little something to do with Mr. Depp.

We ate the best french onion soup.

Found this awesome Brand Beer Holland bottle opener.

Today I'll be watching this and blogging and sewing.



Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

I *MUST* know... where did you get the french onion soup? I've got to find some to satisfy my craving for that damned place in Disneyland before I get lost and end up in Anaheim.

Anika said...

Doesn't get much better than that! Sounds dreamy.