February 4, 2011

UNTITLED due to my brains being sucked dry by zombies

I will hopefully be back to regular blogcasting soon. I have a ton of posts I want to share it's just the lack of motivation to make myself sit in front of the computer after I've done it all day at work has been hard. (That's what she said) I'm sorry but that joke will ALWAYS be funny to us immature types.


Anyone excited about the Super Bowl? Anyone out there care as little as I do? My husband could care less either. I've said this before and I'll keep saying it - being married to someone who doesn't give a shaved rats ass about sports IS THE BEST. I never find myself falling into a coma from the soothing hum of a game that's been on for hours.


We like to watch movies and I like to watch my DVD series collections over and over again. We have gotten more and more into Netflix lately. My queue is a conglomerate of sorts fit for any bipolar mind out there.


While I'm on the subject of movies I have to say that I am dying to see The Kings Speech. I hope I can accomplish this before the Oscars. I watch it every year and complain about how crappy it is. It's like feeding a pedophile's obsession by buying them a subscription to Bop. It might be a bit less illicit than given example but sick nonetheless.


Today, The Temp (more of him to come later) asked me why I was dressed nicer today, on Casual Friday, than I was yesterday wherein he asked me if I thought it was Casual Friday because of the leggings and skirt I was wearing. He's a rather adorable ass-hat. I chuckle more due to his snarky comments than anything else that happens to me in an 8 hour period at our M-F gig.


Calling it a gig sounds so much cooler and from now on that's what I will refer to work as. My gig.


Have ya'll been reading Erin's Ghost Hunting stories on her blog? I've been indulging in her adventure since I will never be able to go on a trip like that at least not on purpose anyways.


I am DYING, DYING PEOPLE, over this outfit today. Miss James puts together the best ensembles. Everything about this look speaks to my soul. I know that's a bit overdramatic but it's the truth.


I need a bid from all of the drooling I did over this recipe.


Peace out and Happy Friday Freaks!!


Misty K. said...

My ex-husband was obsessed with football. He paid the extra money for the special crap on t.v. and I always had to hear that staticky ICK of football game background noise. Needless to say, I divorced that zero. And my real husband (the one I have been with for eleven years and love to death) does not care about any of those sporty things. He prefers to DO things rather than watch others do it on t.v. And we don't pay for cable either so we never accidently have to wath that stuff because it's all that is on. I'm currently doing a gig as a student, and find that people aren't all that friendly there, but I hope when i get a "gig" at some office or something after school, that there is someone entertaining to amuse me whileI make the cheddar. Have an awesome weekend.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I to have a sports loving ex-husband who was obsessed with it. We watched television in seperate rooms constantly. We don't have cable either nowdays and I like it that way a lot. Sometimes I miss it but mostly it's better for me.

Have a lovely weekend Misty!

Anika said...

Where can I pick up one of these "Super" bowls?? I need a new one to hold a special dip I just made.

Angela said...

I'm so lucky that my boyfriend isn't too into sports, makes my life so much easier. Although, we did somehow get wrangled into going to my parents' house to watch the superbowl. Ugh.