February 25, 2011

Junk Hunt - fashion related

I get a lot of clothes at the thrift store. Some vintage and some not; mostly not. Since I've been semi-banned from buying trinkets (husband attempting to put his foot down) I thought I would share some of the clothes I get. I have some vintage items that I am in the process of hemming and making them more wearable. I'll post those when they're ready. This one is simple. I picked up this shirt the other day when Tyrone and I were out the other day. It had an ugly old lady silky tank attached to it that I immediately cut out. I also found a cute little black and white plaid shirt. It was perfect to wear this day on my day off (Tuesday) with my DIY black skinny jeans and red toms that Tyrone got me for Christmas.

you can tell how awkward I felt even though my head was chopped off in this pic


Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! I love red, black and white together!

Jennikunz said...

My BFF is so damn cool.