July 28, 2010

Shampoo anyone?

Can some people not smell their own heads? I hate it when you walk by some dude at the grocery store and you can smell their greasy head. (homeless people excluded)

As a girl we're told not to wash our hair everyday which is fine and all but after a few days YOU KNOW WHEN YOU NEED TO WASH IT!

If I can smell your head and you're standing in the personal hygiene section of the grocery store and instead of picking up a bottle of shampoo you go for the toothpaste I am going to squirt that tube of toothpaste all over your head and send you out of the store with a kick in the pants.

Wash your hair!!

1 comment:

Jennikunz said...

ha ha! I tell my 11 yr old this contantly! "I can smell your head wash it"
He dosen't get it.. puberty is aweful!