July 8, 2010

Small Town Trap Full Page Spread - In this Week

Well you can imagine the excitement in our house (at work, skipping down the sidewalks, on every social networking site we belong to, etc.) today. Small Town Trap has a full page spread where they answer a few questions in IN this Week magazine that came out today. For those of you not in SLC it's a free weekly local paper that highlights the week's events going on around the city; most city's have them.
First thing this morning we were on the corner picking up the biggest stack I could carry. Hello!! This is def going in the STT scrapbook. Come one! You know I've started one - how can I not?
Locals, you need to check this article out it's really good and pretty effing hilarious. The pic they chose for the article is an awesome action shot from their last show.
You can check out the article online too right HERE!!!
I'm a very proud wife.


little ms. sassy shelby said...

Tron LOL this is so kick ass! Good for them.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Yeah that's a little nickname the lead singer gave him, it's kind of funny.