July 12, 2010

Another man's treasure

I'm going to be periodically posting some of the treasures that I've scooped up at our local thrift stores. I am an addict. I completely admit it. I can't go more than 4 days with out entering a thrift store. Or disgusting white-trash whole as Ty would put it. I'm gently and slowly easing him into my ways. Mwaahhahaa!

{This purse was so clean, I don't think it had ever been used}

If I buy an album at the thrift store it's purely decorative or just because I love the picture or design of it not because I am an avid album collector. I don't even have a record player, but one day it might be cool to get one. I was so excited to find the Boston album because that was the first CD I ever had, well that and DC Talk. Ha!

{I was pretty happy with myself for finding this one in it's original sleeve}

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very kool lv ma