July 28, 2010

Shop Update!

I added a few new items to The Shop. Check them out and let me know what you think---pupupuhlease!

I have been in a very 1970's mood lately. I switch back and forth between a few different decades, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990 to present although I am rarely here in the present. I like to float around in my own little world.

I added four new Bohemian Feather Hair Clips. Two are black & hot pink & the other two are tan & white with turquoise feathers. I think this last one would look good on a blonde; it would blend in well although it contrasts nicely with dark hair. You don't have to wear them like I have it you can clip it in however you like. I was thinking of adding a few more simple feather hair clips to the shop as well; hopefully soon!


Hey, I have to use myself as the model because I can't afford to hire one, okay?
You see I love these because when I was little I use to play with the real deal (roach clips) all of the time. I obviously didn't really understand back then what they were really used for. I just thought they were pretty. They were something I saw often as a child growing up with my single mom. We had a pretty bo-ho, gypsy life back in the day. Not that I am promoting smoking pot with these beauties but the thought of smoking it up in style is kind of funny. You won't be able to get these around a doobie (do they even call them that anymore?) very well but they will go in your hair quite nicely. Think of them as the "virgin" "drug free" roach clips. Ha!

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