July 19, 2010

STT @ Avalon Theater w/New Politics

There was a lot that happened this night good and bad. New Politics rocked the house, if you don't know who they are check them out. Plus, they are really good guys. We had a bunch of kids that came to the show and they were incredible with them - a total class act!

I'll let the pics do the rest...

{no that is not Justin Bieber...LOL}

{I'm kind of proud of this one - I love the way it tuned out}

{my niece Kiana w/the awesome David lead singer of New Politics}

{this is one of my favs}

{just love him}

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Jennikunz said...

awesome pictures! WHOO!! So glad we got to see New Politics! I think they are going to be HUGE! my kids aer now obsessed with them! STT will make a come back withthe next show! Cant wait!