July 17, 2010

Shake it up, ooh, ooh

We drove by the Avalon to check out the venue for the show tonight and I ate dinner at Iceberg, oreo shake and french fries. I had to take this shot I just love old theaters and am so excited to see how things go tonight. Good luck STT! It was soooo hot out - 100 very dry degrees. That's the downside of living in a desert.



I forgot to mention that we also rented three red box movies but only ended up with two thanks to my awesome ways that left after only taking the first two and walking away to leave the third one to the guy waiting in line behind us. YOU'RE WELCOME STRANGER WHO TOOK THE MOVIE INSTEAD OF LEAVING IT TO GET SUCKED BACK IN LIKE A NICE PERSON WOULD. Found out that will cost me $25. The exact amount that I had to throw out this pay period too. Score!

I have a ton of pictures from last week's American Fork City Steele Days events but I am going to have to steal some fast internet for that post. We ran the 5k and both Tyrone and I won prizes...not trophy's...prizes. Yes there is a difference. Still!!!! We rock!

Keep a look out for that post and a bunch of others on the way; more thrift store finds, closet re-org, DIY projects, family pics, and some more silly stories.

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Peace out!

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