July 15, 2010

The Eighth Dwarf

Did you know that there were more than seven dwarfs in Snow White's posse? I did and am ready to reveal to all of you that I AM THE EIGHTH DWARF. Forget any other stories you ever heard for I tell you the painful truth. There are also more than eight dwarfs but I'll get into that at a later time.
Hi, my name is Loathsome. I am unlike the other dwarfs. For starters, my name doesn't rhyme in a cutsie way like the others do in the film which is a small reason why I was never mentioned in it. I am much darker and twisted than the others too. I am also not as short as those other stumpy idiots and I am also not a male or for that matter even a damn dwarf. I also refused to be Snow White's little bitch. I don't take orders well. I do, however, get along fairly with Grumpy. Him and I like to make fun of Happy together. He seems to be the favored one for some reason. We play tricks on Bashful because let's face it - it's just too easy. I am a constant reminder that there's more than seven emotions that us humans deal with and some are even scary.
I am the empty soul that sits in a cubicle in an emotionless, colorless office that can't seem to pull it's head out enough to see anything good going on around me.
Now even that is a little dark for Disney. I can admit that. So, why am I so bitchy you ask?
MY NAME IS LOATHSOME. Duh! Don't make me repeat myself.
Today has been an incredibly hard day to bear that started at about three in the afternoon yesterday. This is how I am dealing with it all right now. Just when I thought I couldn't loathe my co-workers any more than I already do they went ahead and proved me wrong. Let's just say it's going to be a rough little while in the Franklin residence.
In an attempt to leave this post on a positive note,
I am thankful for:
1. I still have a mother fucking job...?
2. I am breathing. Although, I'm pretty neutral about this one.


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Hang in there loathey.

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