July 12, 2010

Hoodie Re-vamp & Shelf Makeover

I have a TON of hoodies and sweatshirts and most of them are getting a little dingy. I love this gray hoodie but I think it needed a pick-me-up, so I decided to use my favorite technique and liven it up a bit. I got the yellow tee shirt in the mens section at the thrift store. I just had to get it because it has mexican wrestling masks on it and something about tequila. I have a bit of an obsession with mexican wresting masks.

Along with the tee shirt I picked up this little shelf. I love the scalloped edge in the front. I though it would be perfect to put my piggies on. My nightstand next to my bed was starting to over flow and feel very over congested. We don't have a lot of room on either side of our bed so I try to keep things minimal. It's hard because I like to do a lot of things in bed so my side of the bed starts to pile up with coffee cups, magazines, nail polish, books and art supplies. All I did was sand it down and paint it pink. You know, my new almost favorite color. It was kind of cool when I started sanding it there was this light pink color underneath the top brown layer. I think I could have left it that way - I like the way it looks that way. Anyways, so here we are all done. I threw in my new flag with the hearts and XXX instead of XOXO. Tyrone and I have this funny thing we do in our texts instead of doing XOXO we do the naughty triple XXX, haha!

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