July 26, 2010

Steele Days 2010

We had fun this year at Steele Days. We ran the 5k and did pretty well, I mentioned previously we both won prizes that ended up being nice bday gifts for my dad. We ran with my mom, our sister-in-law and nephew. He had it pretty easy being pushed in the stroller and all, lazy bugger. Okay so he's only 10 months but that's no excuse. I don't have pictures but if you want proof I can take pics of the medals they handed out BEFORE the race even started. Lame-O's.

We went to the car show & the carnival. They have the best corn dogs EVER. I have not found any others that compare. The carnival during Steele Days is a fantastic time to feel good about yourself. All of the crazies that hide out in their meth labs during the rest of the year come out. I am not kidding about this. Ask anyone who lives there or grew up there, they will attest to that. It's rather entertaining.

Growing up my mom drove a VW bug almost just like this one. I was really, really young. 

 Hagen & Fred making friends

 We rode on the tail gate small town style

In Jr. High I threw up on this ride all over my friend Josie Covington and then ran all of the way home because I was so embarrassed.


Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

I cannot get over Hagen's cuteness! He is such a doll.

Steele Days is pretty good if you're searching for the crazies. It's even worse than Springville's Art City Days, which is pretty bad.

And again, amazing pictures. :)

Jennikunz said...

yes.. the crazies do come out! I think I saw a pregannt 14 yr old.

Hagen looks just like Dillon! FER REALS!

Loven me some steele days!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks Kendahl for the comment about the pics - You are so nice and I think besides Jen you are the person who comments the most on here. It is really supportive.

Jenni - I totally saw that 14 yr old prego child!!

Anonymous said...

awesome pixs , its too bad you cant FEEL how hot it was , it was melting us hot , ahhaha but we had fun, lv ma p.s. yes hagers the cutest im partial xoxo lv ma