July 20, 2010

in my head I'm a 70's rock star

Lady, when you're with me I'm smiling
Give me all your love
Your hands build me up when I'm sinking
Just touch me and my troubles all fade
Lady, from the moment I saw you
Standing all alone
You gave all the love that I needed
So shy, like a child who has grown

You're my lady of the morning
Love shines in your eyes
Sparkling, clear, and lovely
You're my lady

Lady, turns me on when I'm lonely
Show me all your charm
Evenings when she lays down beside me
Just take me gently into your arms

Your my lady of the morning
Love shines in your eyes
Sparkling, clear, and lovely
You're my lady

Lady of the morning
Love shines in your eyes
Sparkling, clear, and lovely
You're my ... lady
I have had this song in my head all night long and even to this morning. I'm not just humming along to it I am straight up rockin' the shit out of it...in my head. (LAAAAA--aaaaaaa---dy....) I admit I was blaring it out after I finished my first sewing project last night - for some reason finishing a project brought Styx out of me - who knew? Tyrone just kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye. He finally told me how cute I am but I know what "cute" translates to when he says it a certain way. It's usually when he's making fun of me. It's a good thing my ego has been bruised enough times that it doesn't feel much anymore - so I just kept singing the crap out of it. And now this morning it has left me wishing I was on a road trip listening to a great play list singing to the top of my lungs with people I love.
Side note: let's really talk about bruised egos for a second. i left a comment on a blog that was really nice and supportive and the BITCH deleted it. hmmmm. sometimes i don't understand this blog world. we're all ego driven assholes apparently.


Jennikunz said...

Who the F deleted your comment? WHORE!

Oh Honestly Erin said...

Well, so I came here to leave you a comment to explain that my blog was going through maintenance last night and I lost the last 10 or so comments I got. I still have the email version of the comments I got, but the ones on my blog (along with my replies to them, one of which was to yours) were wiped out.

(According to my boyfriend, they weren't deleted, but they're in the other database, whatever the fuck that means.)

I hope this wasn't about me, but it probably was. Why would I intentionally delete a comment that was as nice as yours?


brandy-son Zen master flash said...

This is the problem with the blogging world - MISCOMMUNICATION! Relying on what people type and not being able to hear their tone or whatever. THIS POST WAS NOT ABOUT YOU Oh Honestly Erin! There is this blog I USE to follow that is very clique-ish and this was the SECOND time she had deleted my comment. I think this was all just bad timing with your blog having issues. I AM SORRY if you thought it was you. I think you are hilarious!! And would still very much love to share your story with my readers if you will still have me...??