July 17, 2010

a birthday gift gone wrong

Let me start off by saying that Onslo's actual birthday gifts were the prizes we won from the 5k. (We're cheap children I know) Two books on the history of American Fork City. Thank God he was born and raised there AND an AVID history buff. Phew!
Thursday on my weekly scavenger hunt to Savers (another trip in where I tempt Tyrone with an ice cream cone in return for going with me) I found this Sound of Music original motion picture soundtrack vinyl straight from the 70's. It was perfect for Onslo because he LOVES that movie more than anyone I know. Did you ever see the Will & Grace where they go to the theater to the sing along and every one dresses up as characters from the movie that attends? It's so funny. You must see it if you haven't. Any way, Onslo would totally go to that if we wasn't so rugged and man-ly AND if his Wranglers weren't painted on his white skinny legs. Oh and another secret about him, he actually loves the show Will & Grace too. He's a man full of surprises and mystery!

Oh right...I do have a point to this story. So I have this bad habit of not checking inside the album covers before I buy them. This will be the third time I've been burned from my neglect to check. So we're driving to my parents to meet the family for dinner and I decide to finally look inside and low and behold the Sound of Music album is NOT in fact what is inside but something much more hilarious and something pretty cool AND something really strange. A Donnie & Marie Osmond album was inside. I almost peed my pants (I had a lot of water that day). There was also two random sleeves (no albums just sleeves) inside, a Billy Joel sleeve from 1978 and a Yes (that's the name of a band if you didn't know) sleeve from 1974. I didn't get a pic of the Yes sleeve but it is totally crazy. There is this dude siting in one of those huge fan wicker chairs from the 70's (we use to have one growing up) and all of these colorful and huge mushrooms surrounding him. You can't get more psychedelic than that.

In the end I left the album cover and vinyl inside to Onso but I took the other two sleeves with me. I guess you could say it worked out in the end. I think the Sound of Music album cover would look really nice framed and hanging in a theater room some day!?!?

I just had to throw this pic in here. It's adorable right? No! This adorable chunky little face had just pushed me away from my dad when I was trying to hug my dad goodbye. He didn't want me near him. Don't even get me started on the look he gave me too. He's not even 1 yr. old yet and he's already starting shit with me.


Anonymous said...

he is granpas fav haha

Jennikunz said...

I love "yes" they had a few hits.. Owner of a lonely heart!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I think this is way before that time Jenni, you'll have to check out this sleeve it is so darn crazy.