July 1, 2009

Is the street your urinal?

I’m walking across the street today on my lunch break and I see a man leaning up against a building with one hand up on it standing in the “pee stance”. I’m familiar with this stance growing up with a dad and brother who are major public urinators (not a real word – I don’t care). I need to point out that this wasn’t an alley or any kind of “dark” or “private” area – just right off of the sidewalk in the bright sunlight. Just as I’m about to approach him I see him shake “it” off and zip up his pants. I wasn’t as much disgusted as I was intrigued by this man’s oblivion to the world around him. But just as I thought to myself how funny of a story this would be I got a whiff of him (not a pleasant whiff of something like cologne I might add) and instantly felt bad. I started to see that he probably didn’t have much of a choice where he peed (behind the building at least!) or his mental state. He clearly wasn’t stable.


I came to the conclusion that if I were in the same situation I would pee in the street too.

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