July 1, 2009

Red Bull Thou Hast Failed Me


As The Cranberries whisper in my right ear through the single ear bud hanging by a thread from my ear lobe I feel myself gently leaning forward as drool hangs from the left corner of my mouth. Not far from my exhausted self is a 16 oz Red Bull that has proven to be useless this morning while trying to draft minutes from a wonderfully boring work meeting. With out much strength I attempt to fight the urge of falling into blissful sleep dreaming of Johnny Depp theatrically telling me bed time stories and serving me chocolate milk. Leaning peacefully forward before hitting my head on my computer screen I begin to realize that I dozed off and almost sigh quite loudly when U2 begins to blare and rudely awaken my somber I sit straight up in my chair to cover up what just happened and pull my ear phone out of my ear offended by the uninspiring tunes. Not that anyone would notice even though my desk is located near the front door and by a heavy traffic walk way. I shake myself awake like a dog who’s just been hit with a hose and begin once again to write the minutes I started about 20 minutes ago but instead I begin to write this…

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Anonymous said...

weird, i had that same dream about Johnny Depp