March 3, 2015

7 Things

1. One of the last things Tyrone got from working at LHM Honda was a pair of row 14 Jazz tickets, so we went. It was fun. I forget that I do actually like basketball. I miss the Stockton to Malone days and Charles Barkley, Muggsy Bogues and Dennis Rodman. I used to be in love with Allen Iverson. I wore his shoes and his jersey. 

2. Last Sunday I wore shorts and sandals and today it looks like this. 

3. After exchanging our Ikea mattress we had some store credit to use so I took care of that last week. I got all of this crap for $30. I was pretty stoked. 

4. I had an engineers print developed of a pic I took at the fair last summer. It was only $2 now I want to do more!!!

5. I couldn't resist this little bundle of PTV. 

6. He's always a snuggle-puss in the car. 

7. I made new merch tags and "handle with care" stickers for orders. 


kendahl a. said...

Your tags are perfection. That print is phenomenal as well, you should definitely get more done!

And fuck this snow.

Erin Honestly said...

I've been wanting to get an engineers print for a while now! Yours came out beautifully!